• A Graduated System of Exercises with three increasingly demanding levels of proficiency
  • TEX For Orchestra is a Unison Method
  • Books for Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion available
  • Exercises in All 12 Keys
  • Broken Scales Exercises in 3rds, 4ths & 5ths
  • Natural & Melodic Minor Scales introduced in Level 2
  • Harmonic Minor is added in Level 4
  • Dominant 7th & Diminished 7th Exercises introduced in Level 3
  • Rhythm Counting Exercises for all instruments – Clapped & Played
  • Contains a Glossary of Common Musical Terms
  • “YOU FIGURE IT OUT” Exercises have students think at higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • 3 Octave Scales for Violin, Viola & Cello (2 Octave Scales for Double Bass)

The Violin, Viola & Cello books were reviewed & edited by the Concertmaster, Assistant Concertmaster & Principal Cellist of the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra. The Double Bass book was reviewed and edited by Thomas Dole – Julliard Graduate

D tex Level 2

D Tex Level 3

D Tex Level 4